Wave Business December 10, 2020


Wave Business is an industry-leading telecommunications provider, and we pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service.

Please contact us for any of the items below – or fill out the contact form below for other requests.

  1. Service Troubles: Contact Wave CNOC 888-317-0488 or Email Wave at: VIPSupport@wavebusiness.com
  2. Provisioning and Installation Questions: 833-903-2896
  3. Billing and Invoicing Questions: 833-903-2897 or Email Wave at: GEMS_ENTBillingSupport@wavebusiness.com
  4. Ordering or New Service Information: 916-886-0251 or Email Mark Hobson at: mark.hobson@wavebroadband.com
  5. Fill out & submit the contact form below:

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